How to implement a custom listener for Appium Driver


As part of the framework we are developing in our project, we want to implement a custom listener extending the AbstractWebDriverEventListner class.

Can anyone help with how to implement this for AppiumDriver?


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The most simple way is to implement WebDriverEventListener (extend AbstractWebDriverEventListner) and use this

EventFiringWebDriver driver =
new EventFiringWebDriver(appiumDriverInstance);

driver.register(new YourWebDriverEventListener() /** new YourAbstractWebDriverEventListnerSubClass() */);

But I don’t like this way because it limits your capabilities. For example you won’t receive MobileElements because EventFiringWebDriver generates EventFiringWebWebElement. It wraps original element and implements WebElement + WrapsElement. You have to extend EventFiringWebDriver.

Another way is more difficult but much smarter. It is the usage of AOP.

For example, I could bit extend WebDriverEventListener and use it without EventFiringWebDriver. I use Spring and AspectJ. This is an example of the listener. So when I invoke

(RemoteWebDriver) context.getBean(“webdriver”,params);

I get something that extends FireFoxDriver, ChromeDrive, AndroidDriver, IOSDriver and so on. All that I get is listenable.

I am also looking for this implementation, if we can have listener, where I can intercept onCreate()/onLoad() activity etc, will help to reduce redundancy on framework design.

Hi SergeyTichimirov,

I tried the method suggested by you. Actually my idea is to create some additional wait before every Find By operation. I have given a Console output statement in each listener method to check this. But unfortunately during the run time none of the statements are getting printed.
I am using framework with Page Object Model.

Any help is much appreciated.