How to increase stdout buffer size in Appium for mobile: shell commands?

Hello, I start Appium service programatically with AppiumDriverLocalService.buildService and after each test I execute “mobile: shell” command (I use relaxed-security flag).
Problem appear in mobile shell command output, output just cut and at the end appear “…”. How can I increase stdout buffer so I can see all info for “mobile: shell” commands?
For info, I set “timeout” argument in “mobile: shell” command, this does not help.

@_Filbert just for sure -

  1. are you adding:
args.put("includeStderr", "true ");

with your command?

  1. do you see any other command output correctly?

result just the same with or without “includeStderr”, other commands cuts also

then possibly you need to create issue with steps and log :slight_smile: