How to Inspect calendar elements Chrome - Andorid

I am using chrome dev tool to inspect web mobile elements. But I can’t inspect calendar using chrome dev tool (chrome://inspect/#devices). It doesn’t show up the calendar. I want to click ‘Set’ button on the calendar. but unable to find the lcator for that. Is there a way to find the locator on the calendar?

My framework is cross platform automation and trying to automate web app now. Can you please help me how to find the locator for ‘Set’ on the calendar. I must click on ‘Set’ in order to get ‘Continue’ button enabled. Enter date using javascript executor doesn;t enale continue button.

This view is most likely not visible in web inspector because it’s not a part of the web view, but rather a native component. Try to switch the context to native one (and probably set enableMultiWindows setting to true).

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@ Mykola Mokhnach Thank you so much. Switching the context resolved my problem. Really appreciate your help :smile: