How to inspect element in iOS 12 device with Macbook

how to inspect element in appium 1.10 into Macbook and iOS 12… please suggest tools

are you using appium via command line or desktop version of appium.

I have used Appium Inspector while using appium 1.4.13 desktop but while i am unable to inspect element after updating appium 1.10. So i have query related to Appium Inspector supporting appium 1.10 or not

Yes Vaibhav. Appium 1.10 very well
supports Appium inspector ans iOS 12.0
as well. What issue you are facing . Can you please post what desired capabilities you are using to open the inspector in Appium Desktop 1.10

Thank you Aishvarya for a quick response. I will post my problem-related appium 10.1 with iSO 12.
I have following query.
My script running properly while using following appium environment
Node v0.12.9
npm 1.4.6
Java 1.8.0_111
Appium 1.4.13
Java Client Library java-client-3.2.0
Selenium Server selenium-server-standalone-3.0.0-beta2

but after updating appium 1.10, It is not working.
Please provide me correct versions for all prerequisite

I have the following :

Node - v11.1.0
npm - 6.4.1
java - 1.8
Appium 1.10
Java client 6.1.0
Selenium -java -3.12.0

Hi Aishvarya,

Here i have attached desired capabilities and error i got

First thing check the path you have mentioned in the app and see if you see the .app file there.

If yes then i see there is an extra space after .app in desired capabilities in the screenshot and then quotes, remove the extra space before the ending quootes and then try.
Should work.

I have getting following error while starting appium inspector into iPhone 6 simulator
An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: simctl error running ‘list’: xcrun: error: unable to find utility “simctl”, not a developer tool or in PATH

Following is desired capabilities i have set

“deviceName”: “iPhone 6”,
“automatioName”: “XCUITest”,
“platformName”: “iOS”,
“platformVersion”: “12.1”,
“app”: “/Users/abhijitchaudhari/Desktop/Vaibhav/[email protected]

please help m e

check this .

I am using the following system environment
Appium 1.10
iOS 12.1
Xcode 10.1
node. 11.6.0
npm 6.5.0-next.0
macOS Mojave 10.14.1

Simulator configuration
iPhone 6 simulator
iOS os 12.1
name iPhone

still, I am getting the following error