How to inspect flutter app elements

I am not able to locate all elements using appium inspector. Is there any other way to locate all flutter app mobile elements ?

Thanks in advace

Need to use the flutter driver. Here’s a tutorial on flutter and appium:

Thank you, @wreed. Is it possible to use BDD Cucumber Java framework for flutter app automation? Do the following accessibility work with the same framework?
Example: ID, Accessibility ID, Name, Xpath , iOSPredicate , iOSClassChain etc

Unfortunately I have not automated a flutter app so I’m not sure about the differences and what elements are available. However, anything that can be tested can be tested with a BDD Cucumber Java framework. You will just have to write the step definitions to use the flutter driver.

Yes you can use BDD cucmber for flutter apps. but the elements are not identified with resource ID or accessibility ID, they are identified by tooltips, type, ValueKey and so on.

Can you share something related to inspecting flutter elements properly by using tooltips, type, ValueKey, and so on?

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I can lauch with serenity + cucumber, but I can’t search a specific text or element it’s impossible

Appium inspector only supports native apps , is there something planned for support for the flutter driver in the future?