How to install any ipa file (which is not in app store) in any iOS devices?

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I am new to iOS application testing. Now i need to test a iOS application . I don’t know how to install the application which is not there in app store . Please some one can help me by sharing what are the process i need to follow before installing the application which is provided by dev team.

If you’re able to get the app in the ‘.app’ or ipa form, thats all you need really.

  1. Start your appium server
  2. Ensure that within your desiredCapabilites, you have the path to the APP set.

Thats a good Ruby reference, there are other language references too.

You can install through Xcode as well.
In Xcode, choose Window > Devices, or press command-shift-2. You should see your device displayed in the Devices window.
. Either drag your .ipa file into the “Installed Apps” section, or click on the plus sign and select your .ipa file

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