How to install appium for mac

I am new user of appium. Can anyone guide me through the process of set up for appium for mac 10.9.5.What all software need to be installed to use appium for mac?

You have two options:

  • Option 1: simplest option; download and run the latest appium stable build for Mac OS from here:
  • Option 2: Compile and run appium from the source (this option requires a certain level of experience with shell and build tools. if you feel uncomfortable using this option, please use option 1 instead).

brew install node # get node.js
npm install -g appium # get appium
npm install wd # get appium client
appium & # start appium
node your-appium-test.js

Thank you.I tried thru first option.But when I tried to record the tests using inspector as said in one of the tutorials, I get the following error.

I have interfaced appium with iOS simulator by giving UDID and bundle ID, and I don’t know to proceed further to integrate appium with Xcode.Can u please elaborate with detailed steps.Thanks in advance.

You are using way to old version of Appium 0.8.0, please update to the latest build and check again.

This also might help with your problem: