How to install Appium from source code?

My pc can not connect to internet, I want to install appium server off-line. How to install Appium from source code?

Well, you’ll need to do some setup from a PC that is connected to the web, since Appium depends on many NPM packages that have to be downloaded.

In any case, you want to clone Then run npm install to download the dependencies of the project. After this, use tar to create an archive for the entire cloned repository (which will include the dependencies in the project location).

Transfer the archive to your server machine, and then untar the contents. Move the entire project directory to your install location. Set up the symlinks from your PATH directories to the Appium executables and, and there you have it.

Note that you’ll have to have Node.js interpreter installed on your server machine in order to run the Appium code. You’ll have to handle that separately.

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