How to install chrome browser in simulator (iOS virtual device)

I want to test my web app in the chrome browser on both real device (iPhones ) and simulator (iOS virtual device). so I want to install chrome browser in the simulator and for other browsers also need to install like Mozilla, opera. please let me know how we can do it

@Lingesh_Sd Did you find any solution?

Your Android image probably doesn’t have Google Play installed, which is the case for the default virtual device the SDK installs.

Either create a new virtual device or modify the virtual device you have: change the Android version the one that reads Android XX.X (Google Play) in the Target column. After doing this, you’ll have the Play Store available to install anything you want from it (this, of course, requires that to add a Google account to the virtual device).

HI @cesarv . i need install chrome and other browsers in the simulator (iOS) and real devices(iPhone). please let me know how we can do it

hi @Love_Soni. not yet. please tell any workaround for this.

Sorry! My dyslexia played with my brain and I read Android.

In the case of iOS simulator, this is not possible. And as for real devices, as far as I know, there’s no way to programmatically install it so you will need to do it manually.

thanks for your reply @cesarv

You could download and build the Chromium iOS browser in Xcode and run it in the iOS Simulator.
It should be close to / in parity with the Chrome iOS browser, at least from a page rendering perspective.

Chromium (iOS) build instructions:

Firefox (iOS) build instructions:

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