How to invoke the webdriver agent Automatically during runtime


I am trying to run my script in an iOS simulator and a real device, I have followed all the steps mentioned in the below forum

but still, it is not working, if I invoke the web driver agent manually that time my script works fine

I think there is a bit of a communication issue here. There are many of us who build WDA manually, but when run tests it installs fine and tests run automatically.

Are you saying that you need to build manually every time you run tests? Or is it that you just don’t want to do the manual setup ever?

I’m sorry if you think I’m not trying to help. I really am looking for clarification on your question. I won’t bother you further.

Hi @wreed I am having a similar problem to what was described here, to answer your question, yes it is a case where I have to build WebDriverAgent from Xcode every time I want to test, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Joel, can you start a new topic on this one? In the new topic explain the problem and give the following info if you can:
appium version?
ios version(s)?
xcode version(s)?
simulator or real device?

In addition it would be really helpful to know what steps you are using to build WebDriverAgent, where the build is being stored, and things like what error you are seeing, and what steps you’ve used in the past to try and remedy the error. A log would also be nice.

If you could start a new topic and provide as much of the above info as you can I will try my best to help you and get this fixed.