How to join with gmail or Yahoo id?

@bootstraponline can you please give permission to join with gmail or yahoo account ?

I checked and both these options are missing

thanks in advance.


Slack bans generic free email accounts like gmail and yahoo from being white listed on the signup page.

If you send me your email then I can manually send an invite.

Hey, I would also like to be added to but I can’t seem to figure out a way to send you my email

I sent you an invite. Note this is a development slack so it’s not for end user support.

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Hello, if possible, I would like to have invite too to keep up with development. I am developer of Winium – Selenium/Appium compatible automation framework implementation for Windows and Windows Phone.

Invite sent.

Hey guys! Can some one to invite me to —> [email protected] , please ???

I sent you an invite. Note this is a development slack so it’s not for end user support.

I’d love an invite too. I’ve been using this framework for years, wrapping it, and teaching it. I’d love to answer questions and have some of my own answered both.

can someone invite me [email protected]

Would it be possible to add my email address as well: [email protected] ?
I would like to keep up with development and have an idea of what is going on, what are the next steps, and what could be the reasons behind some implementation choices.
Thank you

Invites sent. Keep in mind the Slack is for developers contributing to the appium repos on GitHub. It’s not for questions about how to use appium, that’s why we have

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@bootstrap can you please send me invite([email protected]) to join the slack room… i would love to part of it as i contribute to the java-client and will continue to do more.


Invite sent.

Thanks @bootstrap got that …

Hello @bootstrap can you please send me an invite. I’d like to be a contributer to the project.

[email protected]

Invite sent.

Hey, I would like to be added to can any one send me invite [email protected]

@bootstrap, will you please send me invite to my email id: [email protected].

I am waiting for invite.

Priyank Shah

Everyone should have invites now.