How to Launch Developer option (of a specific android app) using Appium

Hi All,

The mobile application i am testing has its own developer mode. i.e Navigate to settings and tapping 7 times on that page shall launch the developer page of that app. How can i achieve this using appium commands?

What is the issue you are having? You should be able to go to that menu and tap X times whenever you want

Hi Telmo_Cardoso,
Apologies for the delayed response.
Here is my situation: The Application Under Test(AUT) has a settings page. On clicking/tapping 7 times on that page takes you to a page with advance options.

The issue is: I am unable to find an element (of say a blank space on the page) to tap 7 times. I tried to click on the entire menu list pane (shown in the image attached) by clicking taking the class and resource ID with appropriate index. IT seems to fail. I would definitely appreciate any kind of help on this. Please Help me!

Try to use public TouchAction tap(WebElement el, int x,int y) on that element you have selected and on y offset pass the total height of the element less couple pixeis in order to tap on that blank space below the Sign out