How to launch multiple instances of Appium on different ports if installed from .dmg?

I installed Appium on Mac from .dmg file. If i need to launch multiple instances of Appium and configure them to listen on different ports, how can I do it?
I’ve tried:

appium -p 4725
-bash: appium: command not found

I also can’t launch multiple instances via Dock or Terminal (to set the port in GUI)

open /Applications/Appium\

Results in only one window being available.

Please advise

Let me help you with this

you need to start your appium from terminal

Step 1: open terminal and navigate to bin folder where you have appium.js


Step 2: in terminal type >node appium --port 4238

open another terminal locate the same folder and repeat the commands with a different port

The above solution works, even I was searching for a solution to this problem

It’s working, thanks a lot!