How to launch uiautomator?

I have tried my clicking 2times the uiautomator.bat file but it is not launching the uiautomatorviewver ,it is opening only black command prompt…need help

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@dhananjay you need to open “uiautomatorviewer” file.

with MAC it is here by default:

with Windows just do not remember… but similar

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Thanks, ok i ll try Actually I m using windows.

@Aleksei: after opening it is opening command prompt for 2sec and it will automatically geting closed.

You can try built in uiautomator with appium

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thanks…now working properly

how? I am facing this issue now I was trying to start

#To launch
Uiautomatorviewer ,

we need to first check
wether adb devices are showing properly

then enter this path of uiautomatorviewer.bat file to the command promt
command prompt