How to Learn Appium for Newbie

I know how to use Selenium but I want to learn Appium and integrate with out current Se Framework.

Can any one suggest me how should I start learning about Appium .
Also one generic doubt, in web application i know how to find locators [ xpath, css etc] but in Android/iOS apps how should one find elements.


PS I like this forum . it really good than Google group. Thanks to Appium Creators

I should have first read

Some where I read that to find elements in native apps we can use
iOS: Apple’s UIAutomation
Android 4.2+: Google’s UiAutomator
Android 2.3+: Google’s Instrumentation. (Instrumentation support is provided by bundling a separate project, Selendroid)

Does this holds true for finding element in case of webapps [ or we can still use xpath/css for web apps]

Sorry for bothering since I am new to Appium