How to locate element using AndroidDataMatcher and Page Factory

I am trying to verify elements that are in a scroll view but out of the view port on an android device. This is a react native app and the scroll tag type is actually a ReactScrollView which I believe to be a sub-class of the native ScrollView class.
The relevant hierarchy of the element that I am interested in is –


I am not an expert on hamcrest data matchers but based on what I saw on the appium docs page , I tried many combinations using contains, is, instanceOf, hasEntry etc but none of them worked; which leads me to believe that either I have not understood it or my syntax is wrong.

When I inspect the element using appium inspector, I can see that the element has a text attribute, lets say “myTextValue”. This is precisely the value I want to match on.
How do I go about using “myTextValue” to locate the element i require, also keeping in mind that I want to be able to use the Page Factory format