How to locate locators?Android app using appium ? Please Help

How to locate locators??Android app using appium (on windows platform) ?? Please Help

@dhananjay, Can you clarify your question? Are you trying to determine how you obtain the resource-ids or other properties of objects visible on the screen? Or is it something else?

watch it

How to identify the element if all elements are having the same id,name,class and index?

If i am getting pop-up like ,u want to allow to access the contacts to this application ?? below that 2 options are there 1)Allow 2)Deny…
so here i knw how to find the locators but i want to knw how to click on Allow button ???

i have tried:
then also it is not working ??

please help

Verify that the call to findElementById is actually retuning the object. If it is but you can’t click it, then you need to inspect the object to find out if it is not clickable.