How to perform scroll gestures in iOS simulator

I am writing automation app test case for iOS mobile app.
I am using appium version 1.4.8 , iOS simulator 6 and platform version 8.3.

 I have seen a weird behavior, When I tried with scroll, it is 

working for sometime and sometime it doesn’t works for me. Now,
completely scroll gesture doesn’t happening at all.
I have tried with below coding for scroll gesture. But, the scroll action doesn’t happens for me.

/ / scroll gestures


can you try this ?

WebElement element=driver.findElement(By.className(“UIATableCell”));
JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
HashMap scrollObject = new HashMap();
scrollObject.put(“direction”, “Down”);
scrollObject.put(“element”, ((RemoteWebElement) element).getId());
js.executeScript(“mobile: scroll”, scrollObject);


I have tried this already. Its doesn’t work for me.

Hava you get any success in scrolling up/down/left and right ?

I am also having same issue…
not able to swipe or scroll in any direction.