How to prepare iOS app for Appium testing for external test team?

Hello everyone!
Here’s the question;
I’m developing iOS application, but Appium tests are written by other company employees. How do I prepare application for them, to successfully run Appium tests against it? I don’t want to share source code (xcode project). If I build application and sign it with my certificate, will they be able to interact with the application?


I faced the same issue before and it caused a lot of headache for me and the team finally we came to a reasonable solution, which is to build the app with your certificate and then to share that certificate with the rest of the QA team to use when instrumenting the app. The other solution is to create a certificate for each user and build the app with each of their certificates which doesn’t seem logical at all :smile:

This also will help:

Thank you @Hassan_Radi for your reply. I’ll share my certificate with QA team then! :slight_smile:

!! @Lukasz_Lisowski I’d like to be clear about this before your QA team tries to work with something they can’t automate

You want to sign your app with a Development Certificate (the one you use when you tell Xcode to run on a real device), not the Distribution cert you use for App Store releases, or other MDM (AirWatch, etc) releases

@Hassan_Radi (the post you linked to was incorrect, there is no such thing as “Development Distribution Certificate”, it’s one or the other)

Thanks for getting my attention to that :smile: I must have overlooked it.