How to relaunch an app in background without restarting it?

I want to open app and then navigate to settings and comeback to app and continue from the place were i left.

Tried using noReset and fullReset but nthgn worked.

You don’t say what platform you are using but I think you can background the app on either:

In our code we background for -1 value and then navigate away and do the needful before returning and clicking on the app to interact again.

Hi @wreed , platform is Android. And when we use background - till the duration no other actions like opening settings and changing date doesn’t work. Actually as per the test need to navigate to settings from the App and change the device date and come back to app from the screen were i left.

I would recommend trying the -1 value:

Deprecated An integer: how long, in seconds, to background the app for. -1 means to deactivate the app entirely.