How to report a private bug with Appium?

Hello. I work for a top 20 company that uses Appium to automate its mobile applications on Android and iOS. We currently have an issue where a server of ours sends back a JavaScript collection object to our mobile app with a JSON payload of about 148KB. For whatever reason, this triggers a WebDriver crash on Android. And then, on iOS, no elements can be seen by Appium at runtime. And no elements can be seen by Appium Inspector either. The app is a hybrid app. We would like to file a private bug with Appium if possible because the JSON object we’d need to attach to the ticket (a Charles.log file) contains confidential information. This is actually a very urgent matter for us because it impacts over 1000+ test cases which now have to be performed manually, and this is pushing back our delivery schedule. So, any feedback would be most appreciated!



Try to provide whatever you can in the bug report.
The stacktrace of the crash from the logcat file could be enough to investigate the issue.

Regarding the iOS case try to look for existing issues first. There are several known cases that may lead to failures in displaying elements, for example infinite animations in the app or too large app accessibility hierarchy.In general, such issues are related to the internal XCTest functionality, which means only Apple itself is able to address them. But some workarounds could be still possible.

Hi Mykola! Thanks for this. I’m in the process of writing up the iOS issue now.


Here’s the issue:

Just for sure

  1. Can you see details inside webView with xCode layout inspector while having large data?
  2. Does webView in your app debuggable?
  3. Did you enable debug web on phone in Safari settings?
  4. You mentioned issue with snapshot depth but did you triy to increase depth also?
  5. Why you need many tests with large number of data in search? This slows tests much. Why not to test most with less data and few where in really needed?
  6. You mentioned that switch to WebView not good? Why? Quite often there is no way navigate inside such webView after scroll with ios. Cause it provides wrong coordinates that outside visible area.
  7. Try to double check capabilities to increase timeouts while working with large data.