How to Run > 16 devices?

Hi all,

I using Appium 1.11.1 to automate some Android Apps. I am using nodeJS as my client language along with webdriverio (4.14) nodeJS client.

I have prepared a very simple automation test script to start an application on the Android Emulator and type some text on a text box. I am running one single Appium instance via CLI (Ubuntu Server) and adding these 2 capabilities:

desiredCapabilities : {
    "udid": "emulator-555X",
    "systemPort": 820X,

Running 16 instances of the script I am able to start the apps on all 16 emulators and enter the text on input box. However by reading some documentation on the net I found out that adb only allows for a maximum of 16 devices per adb server ( I assume that appium uses adb)

How can I overcome the situation where I need to run the same automation on more than 16 unique devices/emulators running on the machine ( I have a very powerfull 96core 384GB RAM server)? Does Appium use/start multiple adb servers if I need to go over this limit? What are the alternatives?

Thanks again!

use docker/virtualization?

Thanks for the suggestion!

I managed to get someone to re-compile adb without said limitation, I am actually testing with 60 devices at the moment and its working well

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Can you share with me what emulator you use?

Hey, please share this adb recompiled.