How to run an app for around 30 mins continuosly

I am planning to run the app ,continuosly for half an hour to see how it behaves.
since we have an open issue with native and hybrid pages switching while writing the code, how can i make the app run for half an hour without any issues??

Can you define your problem a bit more clearly? You could just start an Appium session and then have the testing thread go to sleep for 30 minutes before returning to end the test session. This will require you to initiate the session with a “newCommandTimeout” capability set to 1800 seconds.

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I am running an app in background to collect the logs of an app. The app which i need logs should run for 30 mins. can i achieve this through appium??

Start a usual Appium session as you normally would, except set the “newCommandTimeout” parameter in the DesiredCapabilities object to “1800”.

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