How to run appium code on one machine from another machine? Or how to access Appium server that is running on different networks (over internet)

Dear all,

First of all this community has been great for helping !

I have a situation where my Java code in eclipse, Testng, Appium server running on a mac that has a mobile device connected and I want to access this appium server on a different machine over internet. When i execute the code on that remote machine i want that code to access this appium server that is running on my mac over the internet and execute appium commands.

I understand that this is possible with in same lan by passing —> driver = new RemoteWebDriver( new URL(“http://IP_ADDR_OF_MAC_WHRE_APPIUMSERV_RUNNING: 4723”, capabilities) in desired capabilities and set the appium server address to the ip address of the mac.

I have tried it to make it work over internet in the same way looking at previous posts by setting the Appium server address to mac ip address and in desired capabilities and while instantiating the driver in the code that runs on a remote machine, mentioned this macs Public ip address as follows.

driver = new RemoteWebDriver( new URL(“http://Public_IP_ADDR_OF_MAC_WHRE_APPIUMSERV_RUNNING: 4723”, capabilities) but it didnot work. I see the following error

  1. Unreachable browser excpetion - unable to start session – invalid address of remote server. (When running test scripts on a remote machine that tries accessing this appium server)

  2. [HTTP] Could not start REST http interface listener. Requested address is not available.

Error: listen EADDRNOTAVAIL (when I change the appium server ip address to macs public IP address)

I understand that its not direclty possible to access it via internet? and since I am new to this field? can anyone give your suggestions or thoughts?


Hi, were you able to find a solution? I seem to have a similar problem.