How to run appium script from windows pc to iOS( iPhone ) real device/simulator

Hi, Anyone please help me some guidance to run my script from windows pc to iOS real device.
I have no MAC os system, hSo I need in helping setting up appium for iOS real device and windows 10.
Is it possible to run my script from on real iOS device with windows 10 using appium robot framework script.

Please help me to rectify this issue, whether it is possible or how I can do the setup.

Unfortunately this is impossible

then how i can run the appium + robot framework script on Ios device ?
I want to run scripts on both Android and iOS device . Tried and successfully able to run on Android device from windows PC .

So do I need to setup everything on linux machine?

@aish123 is you want run iOS you need MAC OS. no way do it with pure Linux.

ok. So i have to configure everything in MAC OS right?
How can I run the scripts parallely on Android and ios device?

Hi, I am very new ti this technology thats why asking.
Now I developed some scripts with appium + robot framework scripts and tried to run from windows pc to android phone and it ran successfully.

But for ios device if I setup everthing on MAC OS, I can run those scripts , that I understood.
How we can run the robot test scripts to both android and ios device ?

@aish123 parallel run is problem of framework you using. in your case it is “robot framework”.
i suggest ask on their side. you can try also:

Yea Thanks Aleksi , we can use pabot for parallel running

For android : I have to make sure onething, Now I developed appium robotframework scripts and run the script from windows PC seperate.

For ios: I need to setupXcode and webdriver agent everythign on MAC OS then I need to write the scripts and run the scripts from mac os for ios ?

Could you please confirm then I can start with MAC OS configuration

@aish123 it is up to you. you have 2 ways:

  1. run appium and your test script in mac machine
  2. run appium on mac machine. run code on another machine and open driver from it with url pointing to mac machine.

Ok. thanks. i will try to getting to work

I am unsure if this is the right answer with the framework you are using.
I am currently doing a POC if to use Appium or not, and started with appium studio and intelliJ where I wrote a test for android and iOS each on my Windows machine and it run perfectly when I connected real devices of iOS and Android. I haven’t tried parallel run yet though.

for linux and windows


These guys did a great job on the reverse engineering. Although, it is still a commercial tool, no sources are available.If you start using it then you’re automatically tied to their ecosystem.

Yes. Two problems:

  1. You still need macOS somewhere
  2. You need pay for it

You still need macOS somewhere

You need a Developer Profile (which contains a code signing certificate and a provisioning profile) and the Developer Disk Images. This means you’ll need a developer account registered with Apple. You can then request a developer certificate and a provisioning profile via the website or tools such as fastlane. You can do this using Windows or Linux if you want.