How to run Appium tests on multiple devices for ios

I Have read that it is not possible to run appium tests in parallel/sequential for ios. Please let me know if anyone has explored an option to do so.

Will the grid setup work for ios?

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@Venkatesh I haven’t actually tried this, but I imagine it should cause no problems: If you have multiple real devices you would like to test against, then have your test script first launch a single appium server for each device using separate port numbers for each. Then have your test script connect to the desired server and continue testing.

@Venkatesh: I am also trying to run appium on multiple devices for ios. I used one simulator and one device but problem i faced that simulator closes automatically when driver initialized for second

1 device per instruments. So 1 device per MAC. Its an Apple limitation

Yes there is 1 device per instruments limitation, but you can bend this restriction by running your tests in serial. If you really want to test on multiple devices simultaneously you need multiple hosts or virtual machines.

Is it still correct now? Someone said it could run multiple devices…

@spedepekka do you know of a tutorial out there on how to do this? I can’t find the appropriate documentation. Thanks