How to run tests on the cloud with no tunnels allowed

Hi All,

A long time ago I talked to my boss about moving our tests to the cloud. We started to put together costing but we could never get sign off for having our app deployed or tunnels to allow our access to our backend servers.

After pushing this for over a year I have sign off to use our apps in the cloud, but still have a restriction in place for using any tunnel, like sauce connect. What is the best way to mock out the backend functionality, has anyone worked with on device mocks?


Hi @James_Farrier
I am currently using SauceLabs to run our tests on cloud for mobile and Desktop,
And unfortunately, the only way SauceLabs can access your environment behind Firewall is through SauceConnect.
And same will be the case with other cloud providers as well (BrowserStack or perfecto-mobile), although I haven’t used them.
In my experience, I have found Sauce Labs to be quite secure and therefore I don’t think there should be any issues on lifting these restrictions on Sauce Connect tunnels.

Yea I was hoping to be able to deploy an app/service running on the mobile device which would mock out our services. I haven’t been able to find anything to do this yet!