How to Running two or more Android Emulator in a PC

Hello All,

I want to Running two or more automation in appium with same application.
But in this case when i start open two port in appium and also open two devices with Same Configuration.
then one is working good and when i start second device its effect on first device and not working good.

(1). I used devicename parameter as desirecapabilites but it is ignore devicename parameter for unique.
(2) i also used udid as desirecapabilites but still same error.
can have any solution that, how to differentiate both device.


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Its Working Good now.

hi can you update broken link please?

Could not find that document in the new location. It’s possible it hasn’t been migrated. This should get you where you want to go:

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Thank you @mykola-mokhnach. It’s working well for me. Couldn’t switch to second device despite having changed device name. It helped a lot.