How to scroll horizontal using touch action?

here i have attached images to let you know about app page. please help me to generate script for horizontal scroll and click.
i want to scroll from “add text” to “text art”.
generate script or code for better understanding


What is your programming language?

@tuonghm : its java. i am testing using appium. i know how to scroll vertical and swipe but don’t know how to scroll horizontal.

Please try it:
In MobileActions class:

public class MobileActions {

private IOSDriver driver;
public MobileActions(IOSDriver driver) {
this.driver = driver;

private TouchAction _touchAction;
private TouchAction touchAction() {
if (_touchAction == null) {
_touchAction = new TouchAction(driver);
return _touchAction;

public void swipeOnScreen(Point fromPoint, Point toPoint) {

WaitOptions waitOptions = new WaitOptions().withDuration(Duration.ofMillis(300));
touchAction().press(new PointOption().withCoordinates(fromPoint)).waitAction(waitOptions).moveTo(new PointOption().withCoordinates(toPoint)).waitAction().release().perform();

Use it:

IOSElement startElement = (IOSElement) driver.findElementById(“add text”);
IOSElement endElement = (IOSElement) driver.findElementById(“text art”);

swipeOnScreen(startElement.getLocation(), endElement.getLocation());

Or you can swipe Element with direction:

public enum Direction {
public void swipeElementWithDirection(AndroidElement element, Direction direction) {

double endXPercen = 0.9;
int startX, startY, endX, endY;

int screenWidth = driver.manage().window().getSize().width;
int screenHeight = driver.manage().window().getSize().height;

switch (direction) {
case TOP:
startX = element.getCenter().getX();
startY = element.getSize().getHeight();

endX = startX;
endY = screenHeight - (int) (screenHeight * endXPercen);
case RIGHT:
startX = element.getCenter().getX();
startY = element.getCenter().getY();

endX = (int) (screenWidth * endXPercen);
endY = startY;
case LEFT:
startX = element.getSize().getWidth();
startY = element.getCenter().getY();

endX = screenWidth - (int) (screenWidth * endXPercen);
endY = startY;

startX = element.getCenter().getX();
startY = element.getLocation().getY();

endX = startX;
endY = (int) (screenHeight * endXPercen);

Point startPoint = new Point(startX, startY);
PointOption startPointOption = new PointOption().withCoordinates(startPoint);

Point endPoint = new Point(endX, endY);
PointOption endPointOption = new PointOption().withCoordinates(endPoint);

WaitOptions waitOptions = new WaitOptions().withDuration(Duration.ofMillis(500));

Log.addLog("Start Point: " + startPoint + " and End point: " + endPoint);


---- Use it:

IOSElement startElement = (IOSElement) driver.findElementById(“id”);
swipeElementWithDirection(startElement, Direction.RIGHT);

it’s hard to understand code as i am new in appium automation. though i will try. but it can be more helpful if you can suggest me any video link.

I hope it can help you.


Or sample project:

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good luck!