How to select <div> with ionic and appium

I always used findElement( or findElement(By.className) but with the tags used on ionic i dont know how select the element , the code of the app is:

    <div (click)="openclose('otras')" *ngIf="!emptyOtras">
<p class="info uppercase">Otras / Tango<span class="iconDetail" ><ion-icon [ngClass]="{'openDetail': !oOtras, 'closeDetail' : oOtras}" md="detail-vtr" ios="detail-vtr" slot="end"></ion-icon></span></p>
<ion-list lines="none" *ngIf="oOtras">
  <div *ngFor="let orden of ordenes" class="orden">
    <div *ngIf="orden?.ESTADO!='INI' && orden?.ESTADO!='PEN' && orden?.ESTADO!='COM'">
      <p *ngIf="orden?.toa" class="estado {{orden?.ESTADO}}"   > 
         Estado: {{orden?.ESTADO | toaName}}
      <ion-item mode="ios"  (click)="detalle(orden)"  detail="false">  
          <ion-label text-wrap >
            <p class="title-orden">Nº de orden: <span>{{orden.IDEN_ORDEN}}</span></p>
            <h4 class="actividad">{{orden.ACTIVIDAD}}</h4>
            <h4 class="hora">Horario: {{orden.AGENHORA | filterTime: orden.toa?true:false}}</h4>
          <ion-icon md="detail-vtr" ios="detail-vtr" slot="end"></ion-icon>


I use xpath as below but it’s not working:
findElement(By.xpath("//p[@class = ‘info uppercase’]/ancestor::div"));

can anyone help me?