How to select from suggestion list

I am unable to get element of the suggested list items in a field, is there anyway where i can select particular text from suggestion list.

We are using google API for auto filing the address, so when i type any text it shows 5 suggestions and i want to select any one of them.

I am currently using tap events to select but it gives error on different resolution devices. Has anyone faced this issue ? Can someone please help me out with this.

Hello Rohit ,
same problem i face but no solution for it… if you get any solution please let me know!!!

While I haven’t had to solve this problem, I would try the following:

Once the list comes up – presumably you take some action that causes it to appear, I would send the down keycode, then check the contents of the text field, and repeat in a loop until I either get the correct choice, or I’ve reached the end (keyevent down didn’t change it to a new value)

Keypress down does not work any other work around ? there has to be some solution for this.

You can use select class and pass the ID.

@Jitu1888 The suggestion list class name and id is not visible in UI Viewer of android