How to set device locale to Serbian(Latin) in Android

Hi ,

Can someone suggest what should be the locale and language( capability) for Serbian latin in android device.

I am trying to launch the settings in android device for Serbian (Latin). As per google the code is

sr-Latn , country code RS

But when I try to use sr-Latn as language and locale as RS am getting error. I was able to launch app with sr-RS which is serbian(Cyrillic)

I found these:

sr_ [Serbian]
sr_ [Serbian (Cyrillic)]
sr_BA [Serbian (Cyrillic,Bosnia and Herzegovina)]
sr_ME [Serbian (Cyrillic,Montenegro)]
sr_RS [Serbian (Cyrillic,Serbia)]
sr_XK [Serbian (Cyrillic,Kosovo)]
sr_ [Serbian (Latin)]
sr_BA [Serbian (Latin,Bosnia and Herzegovina)]
sr_ME [Serbian (Latin,Montenegro)]
sr_RS [Serbian (Latin,Serbia)]
sr_XK [Serbian (Latin,Kosovo)]


By doing a google search. Does one of them work for you?

thanks for the response wreed,

If I pass the value as sr_BA , how we know that its for latin or Cyrillic . since both the codes are same.

I’m certainly no expert. I did some googling around and found this:

You may want to do some searching too. I may not know exactly what you are looking for.