How to set proxy on iOS Simulator

HI All,

Does any one knows how to set up proxy, preferably using BMP on iOS Simulator ?

My requirement is to do Analytic Testing and need to capture the request and response .

Please let me know if anyone has used BMP on simulators/real device.


There aren’t any option in settings of simulator to set the proxy, only way to do it is setup the proxy of the mac machine and restart the simulator.

Thanks @pr4bh4sh for your reply. Would really appreciate if you can help me in explaining how to set up the proxy on mac. Can this be done via browser mob proxy ?

I use Charles proxy on my mac (its a web debugging proxy tool like fiddler) This requires user to install Charles server cert on mac and client cert on test devices (ios and Android)

  1. On devices configure http proxy to connect your wifi to :8888
  2. On device browser, go to to install certficate.

All web traffic from your device should be visible on Charles now.
Does this solve your issue ? I use this when doing manual analytics testing.
Please share your experience, if you are able to use this setup with Appium analytics tests.

Steps to use charles command line utility with appium are described here in this video: