How to Set-up Appium for Android to test Flutter application

I need support that how to setup Appium for Android to test Flutter application

Have you read the documentation?

Note: I do not use this.

Yes, i read that document but getting some error logs

I’d be happy to look at the errors if you post them.

That was the log error when i run my script

these snaps are from, when i was setting up Appium

No such element error. I have to guess because I can’t see your code but either the search you are doing is wrong somehow, or the element has not rendered. May need to code a wait in there to let it render, but again this is a guess since I can’t see your code.

Personally I would fix all these errors before trying to run Appium. Have you tried this? Maybe you have installed but it’s not on the path? I have to guess here because you haven’t given enough detail. Taken at face value, just fix the errors.

For this one, take a look at that debug log and see if you can get more details on the problem. Maybe you need to uninstall/reinstall?

The best advice I can give on all these problems is to identify the one that is really holding you up and fix that one first. Sometimes when you do that the other problems make more sense and you may understand how to fix them also. Focus your question a bit more and use details for a better response. Good luck!