How to setup 1 Mac with Multiple iOS devices?

I want to have a dedicated Mac that can run through tests for all of my iOS devices. Currently I have to switch devices but I want to have all of my iOS devices plugged in and I want the automation to run through each device without any manual intervention. Does anyone have a solution for this?

You can buy multi port USB hub to achieve your objectives

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Hey @VikramVI , thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, a hub is not enough. I already have a hub and I’m still experiencing the same issue.
This issue is that after 1 connected device runs a test then the same connected device runs the same test instead of a different device running the test

Did you ever find a way to run iOS automation on devices sequentially? Maybe having the iOS devices connected through wifi?

You need to use “Selenium Grid” to distribute test cases on available iOS devices.

Refer to below repo

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@VikramVI the article says it’s for parallel execution but I’m looking for not parallel execution. I’m looking for sequential execution. Any ideas on sequential execution?

Sequential execution; you mean for compatibility testing ? Run same scripts on multiple devices with same or different os version ?

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Yeah for comparability testing. Multiple devices (os 10 and 11) with same Mac OS version (high Sierra)

I could get it working as below

I’m looking for solution with JUnit, as I use open source framework Serenity and till now didn’t find any solution to run same set of test cases on multiple connected devices.

@Telpjmal Please check this