How to setup Appium with aws device farm?

Currently i was testing my android hybrid app using appium. i created my scripts in java using eclipse and running the application in a real device using TestNG.i was trying to run the test using AWS device farm.While i was uploading Zip folder Java TestNG tests written for app getting the following error

*There was a problem processing your file. We could not find a *-tests.jar file in the root of your test package. Please unzip your test package, verify that at least one -tests.jar file is in the root of your package, and try again. For more information about this issue, please see the documentation.

IS there any steps i missed for working with AWS Device farm?

“If the Appium Java JUnit package is valid, you will find at least one jar file like acme-android-appium-1.0-SNAPSHOT-tests.jar in our example. The file’s name may be different, but it should end with –tests.jar.”