How to setup appropriate desired capabilities in robot framework for appium


I am new to robot framework.

I am using ride for my tests. I have installed AppiumLibrary. I am trying to launch the app on android but, it is not working.

I specify the keyword:

Open Application ${REMOTE_URL},platform:${PLATFORM_NAME},platformVersion:${PLATFORM_VERSION},deviceName:${DEVICE_NAME},app:${APP}

and my variables are:

${REMOTE_URL} value: http://localhost:4723/wd/hub
${PLATFORM_NAME} value - Android
${DEVICE_NAME} value - Android Emulator
$APP value - E:\apks\w2p-new

I get the error as FAIL : BadStatusLine: ’ ’

Please let me know what am i doing wrong here.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Appium server ver - 1.4.0
Appium client - 1.2.7
Python - 2.7

Thanks in advance

i hit the same problem

*** Variables ***
${platformName} android
${platformVersion} 7.0
#${deviceName} emulator-5556
${app} C:/git/DCS_Mobile_Automation/

*** Keywords ***
Launch Application
[Documentation] If app not is installed then Intall and then Launch SAP Retail Execution Android
log to console launching application
Open Application ${URL} platformName=${platformName} platformVersion=${platformVersion} deviceName=${deviceName} appPackage=${appPackage} appActivity=${appActivity}
… app=${app} noReset=${TRUE}

Note: Give tab(4spaces) between each capability