How to setup Chrome with specific command line setting

I have an issue with webtesting in Chrome on real Android device - it always asks me to translate my page.
I found that Chrome has ability to disable this via command line: --disable-translate (

Could someone help me to set this specific Chrome setting or disable translate in other way.

Anybody have an idea for this ? Because I have the same problem on Genymotion. When my test (on Ruby) start, it looks like Chrome is totally reseted. So when it start Chrome, even I’ve set before “off” for tanslation, it goes back ton “on” and I always have the “This page is in… do you want to translate it…”
I’ve tried the “noReset => true” as capabilities but no change.
So if somebody have an idea for this, thanks a lot !
my capabilties:

	capabilities =
		'browserName' => 'Chrome',
		'platformName' => 'Android',
		'deviceName' => 'Android',
		'noReset' => true
	server_url = ''
	driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for(:remote, desired_capabilities: capabilities, url: server_url)
	@browser = driver
	@browser.driver.manage.timeouts.implicit_wait = 5


Anybody for this ?
The “translation” pop up is very annoying…