How to Setup Test for a Hybrid Mobile application built using Ionic in appium?

I have created a Hybrid mobile app using ionic-3 and I wanted to test it using appium. I am very new to this testing and I don’t know about even basics. I have installed appium and all supporting tools. Some body please help me how exactly I can start testing the app in appium.
Thanks in advance.

You can go through the below link to start from basics.

You can first start with android as it would be easy to configure and go through some tutorial in youtube.

Once you are comfortable with basics you can refer below description which would help in automating ionic-3 apps.

As ionic-3 apps create webview inside native context.So you won’t be able to test these apps using XCUITest and UIAutomator2 .
You need to use webview context and inspect element using android debugger and safari in android and ios apps respectively.
After converting to webview it would work same as automating in web browser.

You can use below capability .



Thank You so much Gupta.

Hi, would it be possible to provide some more details of how to write the actual tests?
Or maybe point to a documentation.

so I have an instance of const client = await wdio.remote(opts); Apium Server is running, Android Emulator is running, and seems to work.
How exactly do I get the webview? and how then later address and click the elements?

I checked the Sample Code, but maybe I got it wrong, but the getting started tutorial ended with an async function main, and the examples starting with JEST or Cypress like files?