How to show the logs of Appium server programmatically?

Hi guys,

I am using Python 3.7.

I finally managed to launch Appium programmatically. But I can’t see the log anymore.
I was used to see the log from Appium view. Now I get lost. I need your help please.
I found this doc:

Which says to add this line:
logs = driver.get_log(‘driver’);

It looks weird for me to add a “;” at the end of a python line (but I am newbie, so I did as it said).

But it didn’ show anything. So I added this line:
print(f"Logs : {logs}")

And it didn’t show anything again.

Does any Python expert can tell me the lines of code to store or display the logs of Appium server.


Kind regards

First I would try:
log_types = driver.log_types();
Then I would try:
logs = driver.get_log(‘server’);
You should be able to request any of the log types returned from the first call.


Sorry, what do you mean by ‘server’

I have only these lines to start server:
appium_service = AppiumService()

Do you mean the ip:port
logs = driver.get_log(‘’)

Thanks for your help

When requesting the logs you specify which ‘type’ of logs you want.
You can get a list of what type of logs are available with the log_types(); but it is likely you are interested in requesting the ‘server’ type logs if that makes sense? Thus the call driver.get_log(‘server’); would return the logs your appium server you launched programmatically and created a session with.

The logs are only available if you have the security settings to allow this. It seems you have to start the server with a few flags --relaxed-security , or be more specific about it by reading this link.

Thank you for your help.
I educated myself more about python logs And I made some experiments with 3 ways to sart Appium server before to come back to you.

I tried by this way:
appium_service = AppiumService()

But I don’t see any log. I guess I need to modify the python file of appium_service method.

So I tried to start appium server with command (I added the flag of scurity you suggested):
os.system("start /B start cmd.exe @cmd /k appium --relaxed-security --log-timestamp --log appium.log -a -p 4728")
I could see some logs in terminal but not so much than Appium GUI server.

To show you the difference, I commented the lines of code which start Appium server, and I start it by hand with Appium GUI.

As you can see Appium GUI logs give more information to debug my code.

What should I do to display same info in Appium terminal than Appium GUI?
What should I do to display same info in ‘appium_service.start()’ than Appium GUI?

Thanks a lot again for your help.

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–log-level debug:debug --debug-log-spacing

Thank you. I should add these flags in the windows command or sOmewhere in the code of appium_service?

It looks like you run appium inside your test tool, so just adding those 2 flags should do what you want. What worries me, is that you probably tried that already and did not get joy the first time.