How to solve recaptcha on appium?

I have spent a huge amount of time looking for a solution, I have done button press emulation to solve this problem, I have tried every possible option.

I solved the captcha by clicking on the images that are provided to me, but because of the long waiting time to solve the captcha from another service, I was not allowed to pass

I need your help, please.

Maybe you know how I can get data-sitekey out of this element?

i wanna cry, please help me


Actually, this captcha was made to stop the automation scripts to bypass it you will need to ask from the dev team to provide you with an app version without the Captcha

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Hey! Actual captchas aren’t really solvable by automation, since the whole point of captchas is stopping that… but check this link out, specifically the section " I’d like to run automated tests with reCAPTCHA. What should I do?". reCaptcha live keys shouldn’t allow automation, but test keys are likely to let you do things better.