How to start click method event by Xpath DefaultGenricmobileDriver and Xpath AppiumDriver

Hi All
Hope you are doing well in appium.
I have a problem. I am unable to locate element by using Xpath . There are 2 type of xpath in Appium one is xpath(DefaultGenricmobileDriver) and another is xpath(AppiumDriver). if i am using xpath(DefaultGenricmobileDriver) like example-driver.findElementByXPath("//listview_textview[text()=‘Share on Facebook’]").click(); .
but i am unable to do click - problem 1.
If i am using xpath(AppiumDriver)-driver.findElementByXPath("//listview_textview[text()=‘Share on Facebook’]") than i am not getting click() method or we can say i am unable to use it or i do not know how to use this- problem 2.

Please help me.