How to support both iOS 9.2 and below while also supporting iOS 9.3+?

I’m sure others have solved this but I am unable to find an answer to this question. I have a device lab with devices before 9.2 and after 9.3. I need to be able to run Appium tests on either of these at any time. I have downloaded Appium 1.6 and Xcode 8 while keeping my earlier version of xcode. I was expecting to still be able to run UIAutomation from Appium 1.6, however this was not the case. When running Appium 1.6, it was unable to install the ipa to the device. I then tried pointing appium to Xcode 8, enabled XCUITest, and was told I needed a device 9.3 or higher. This makes total sense given that UIAutomation no longer works on 9.3 and higher devices. I am confident I can setup my environment to handle the new 9.3+ devices, but I still need to be able to test on older devices.

How do I set myself up so that both of these are possible? Surely there is a better solution than having 2 Appiums and 2 Xcodes. Does Appium 1.6 not support devices older than 9.3 or is there a way to make it work?
Thanks in advance.