How to swipe UITableCell sideways

I have a series of UITableCells that scrolls vertically, and I need to swipe the cells sideways to reveal a delete button for the cell. Is this something that’s still broken, or is there a way that works? The driver.swipe command just places a touch inside the cell and then goes away (the cell highlights briefly while the touch action occurs). Custom touch actions do the same thing. Does this work for other people? All the searching I’ve done indicates it was completely broken and never fixed.

I also tried using the IOSAutomation scripting to “dragInsideWithOptions”, but that is really hard to troubleshoot.

Using Java and Appium server 1.4.11 or 1.5 to the same effect.

I’m starting to think I’ll need to edit the test application and add an invisible button to get this to work.

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