How to switch between Hybrid App to Native App in iOS device?


We’ve a scenario like, there is a need to go to Settings App in iOS device and do some actions again I need to navigate back to Hybrid App. Will this be able to do in iOS?

Note: We’ve already done this on Android device by using AppPackage and AppActivity.

Hope will get suggestions on this.

Thanks & Regards,
Vijay Bhaskar .

Suggestions would be much appreciated on this !!

You can put the app to background for a period of time and it will direct you to home screen.
From there, you can go to the settings and do anything you want before the app will come upfront .

@large, i have doubt you can play with any other app in iOS. The reason behind that Apple will not allow your to touch even single inch other than your debug app.


yeah you’re right. we can do that only on ios simulator.