How to switch from safari driver to iOS app driver?

Following is my scenario:
We have web interface for which we had automation in selenium and C#(MS Test-Specflow).
We have one iOS app for which we have written automation using appium + capabilities for iPad app.
We are running automation from windows machine and with help of remote execution talking with appium server on Mac machine.
Now in one of the scenario we need to click on button in web site which is launching that iOS app. This happens only if web site is open from iPad and safari browser.
How to swiitch between safari browser and iOS app interface to automate this scenario.

Ex. Suppose In Gmail site there is one button to open Whatsapp. If user clicks on button whatsapp gets open. then user perform action say send message to particular contact and once action is successfull then system redirects user to gmail site.
How to automate such scenario.

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