How to Test 2 types of user at time?

Hi all,
I am trying to automate SignUp module of my application.I have 2 user types 1.User 2.Moderator
How to automate both users type at the time my issue is I am successfully able to Automate User’s module but if I am trying to Automate Moderator module I am already logged into the application.
I am using TestNG & SignUp class, under SignUp Test cases I have 2 types


Are you having problems with running User and Moderator tests back to back or do you have to run them simultaneously?

Can this be avoided with setting noReset capability false and resetting the app data?

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ok currently in my code capabilities.setCapability(“noReset”, true); so can i change setCapability=False is it ok?

Yes, implementing capabilities.setCapability(“noReset”, true); should remove the logged in user data.

I’m leaving the link below just in case, for future reference about noReset and fullReset capabilities and their differences in practice

Hope it helps