How to test for mandatory fields or appearance?

can anyone tell me whether testers can identify mandatory fields in native Android apps?
For a web test it would be a simple check of page source to see whether the field is mandatory/red/required etc
Mobile does not appear to give anything like the same ease of usage! Other than litter my test with multiple If statements to try different combinations of text entered/not entered, I can’t think of a way to check and it’s adding a massive overhead to tests.

You cant. Even if it mentioned in pagesource it does not guarantre than app or web will behave accordinly.

Thanks Aleksei

I realise the attributes of tags in an equivalent web app (for example) does not guarantee validation of page but this mobile app does not seem to give any clues about what is mandatory. I’m fairly new to Mobile automation but am I correct in thinking there is no way for a tester to check relevant attributes? Eg if a field turns red in this native app, I do not see any attribute of that field that tells me it is actually red - using either Katalon or Appium Desktop inspector. Is this information hidden? Regards and hope this is not a silly question!

If there are no attributes and if the field turns into red, you can take a screenshot and do a visual comparison.

Thanks Ravi - another idea to explore :slight_smile: