How to test Music application like Play,Pause,stop with validation by using appiun

Please provide info, how can I can test Music player with valdiation by using Appium like…

  1. Play Audio and video file
  2. Pause
  3. Repeat

Please let me know the procedure.

iOS or Android? Real devices or simulators/emulators? What device models/OS? Native video app or your app that loads videos?


It’s - Android application and Real device and Lollylpop (uisng Moto G) and Native video/audio app.

The validation depends on the fact that you be able to access the pause_button , play_button etc. So assuming the basic setup being understood by you I would suggest go through the hierarchy of the elements using Appium Inspector once and plan out the elements you would want to assert in your use cases to start with.

First: Why you want to test a native app? If its not yours, you normally wont need to test it :slight_smile:

If you really need, then I tested couple and I found some challenges like not returning valid XML when playing or pause button fading out while playing, so the element is not returned, etc. But with some other video players it worked.

Use uiautomatorviewer to see if the elements will be visible to you. If you pause the video by just touching the screen anywhere, and then you get the coordinates of play button, you can use those same coordinates for pause icon for example.

Thanks…will try with as you mention above.