How to test with multiple devices around 30 device parallel?

My requirement is run my automation suite on 20 android devices parallel. can anybody suggest me how and where can i achieve ??

can anybody update me please ?

In order to achieve such requirement use Selenium Grid Concept. :smile:
For more info. on Selenium Grid for Android, please have a look to following Discussion on Selenium Grid for Android

I have about the same requirements. And i did use Selenium grid.
I could do 15 parallel devices, but when i add the 16, adb loses the list of connected devices and i get this error from all Appium (Selenium) grid nodes:
{ selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: Message: A new session could not be created. (Original error: UiAutomator quit before it successfully launched) }

Any ideas about what could be the bottleneck?

Does your USB host reliably support 16 devices (or are you connecting your devices through a WiFi network)?

I use adb over wifi. With usb i could only connect 9 devices. So i switched to wifi and it is working fine.
By the way, since I asked this question, I managed to have 16 devices working fine. I have made a few changes of registry keys to support wider ports range and shorten time wait timer. so I am not sure what was the relevant one.
For sure, driver.quit() has issues when spawned, also I give up using chrome driver.
But still I am very curious about what are the limits of scaling? Any in adb itself?